Prize Winning Float!

This has been one of my favorite projects this summer. It is a very light and portable float that when assembled on the car it is 15 feet high! I was driving it back after our first parade and came to an intersection and looked up and noticed the power lines were about a foot higher than the top of the sticks. Cool stuff.

I had lots of help once my vision was in gear. Once it was constructed I still had no idea how it would attach to the car and be secure in case the Southern Alberta wind decided to make itself known. My parents have a wonderful neighbor aka: MacGuyver and he attached the sticks on a 1 X 4 and used straps and ropes and in no time flat it was attatched and secure. I was so very grateful for his expertise and even his shop to store it in overnight.
We have now completed 6 parades in Southern Alberta.

The last parade was Lethbridge and it drew a crowd of over 67,000! Great advertising! I can't wait for the Santa Claus Parade in November in Fort Macleod. It is an electric parade and it will be fun to light it up.

Special thanks goes out to Jonathan, my mom, Tami, Bam, Larissa, pomp pom fluffing team: Sheila, Jessica, Colton & Jami, Dianne & Lindsay for glue rescue, Ty Hancock aka: MacGuyver, Gary for being my supportive parade partner, John & Judy with their grandkids who throw candy so well & Clark being my right hand helper. What a fun summer we've had!


ChopStix Family

ChopStix is a family restaurant and we were there to prove it. A few of my siblings are moving and this was the last night we would all be together until Christmas, however, Jonathan wasn't able to come to us so we all went to him. It was just after closing time and since there wasn't any natural light outside we gathered in front of the bowl and chop sticks and were yelling "ChopStix!" instead of "Cheese!". The picture is very fitting as my family members are frequent quests. Like me, it is 'quality control'. Hee, hee. Yummy!

Home Slice!!!

We are finally in our own beds after a week in Waterton, then a week to Orem & St. George, Utah, and then back up to Waterton for almost another full week. We have had so much fun and it was wonderful seeing everyone, but as you all know, there is nothing else like your own bed to get you fully rested and back to reality.

Summer has been a Slice!!!

Summer has been a Slice!!!
We have had so much fun and can't believe there is only two weeks left until September 1st!!!

Keep On Lickin'

Keep On Lickin'

How many ice creams have you licked this summer?