Man Rituals

I'm all for the "Man Rituals" ~testosterone in the air, sweaty men in tight pants, roughin' each other up on the fields or the courts, but when it comes to my man drawing blood or keeling over in pain from receiving a slapshot to his manhood, well my opinion changes completely. His first incident was the slapshot. He said he has never felt that kind of pain ever. He was on the ground for about five minutes. One guy said his eyes were rolling in the back of his head. He laid in the snow for about 10 minutes afterward, he needed the numbing, and still got up to play.
Last Thursday, he was being, probably, over aggressive (for his age, hee, hee) and him and another guy were going to fast and hard and straight into the net, totally NOT of their own accord. He came into the house with his hands covered in blood and said jokingly, "you should see the other guy". I then grabbed the camera to really zoom in to see the gash. We were uncertain if he needed stitches and since we live in Canada now, we were more than happy to get a professional opinion. However, Jonathan didn't want to go right then, he wanted to finish the game. While at the hospital to get his glue and bandage, he ran into a friend from high school and they laughed, compared scars and reminisced their days of intense floor hockey and after school fights. Good times for them (if only they were sweaty or in tight pants, ok, I'll leave that to the professionals as well) Jonathan is protesting wearing a helmet but will give in, because IT always happens in threes, and I think his teeth are next. He is faithfully wearing a cup, and I asked him from across the backyard during his game, "Honey, are you wearing protection?" The guys had a chuckle from that and I believe many have heeded the warning. The game must go on, no matter the scar or the age.

neighbor hood sport court in Bikman's backyard. pic was taken last summer, obviously. we are still quite brown up here.


Angie said...
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Angie said...

Ouchie! Good to see that you are a safety girl! He He! Silly Men!

Toner said...

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Emily said...

I was so freaked when I saw that pic, until I read the post. Basketball, ARGH!! Boys and their games! Glad he's all right though.

And my word Shanna, your Oregon photos are gorgeous. But, you really do need to see NC!! It's pretty here too! Wish we could have been there with you.

Brooke said...

Aric and I laughed at this one.. you two are FUNNY!

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Keep On Lickin'

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