the perfect blog?! no such thing!

Ya right!
I only titled it that way because I have been talking with people and hearing their opinions of blogs vs. facebook, yada yadas... "I don't have the time", "it's too much work", and one friend said she couldn't keep up with all the clever & creative posts and updates that she had come across, to feel that her blog would even be interesting. I said, WHATEVER, just have at it. I love reading the different personalities and thoughts and "excuses" of the slow-to-update-ers. LOVE IT! I still think this is more fun and I appreciate all the creative juice out there, sometimes it can get stifled with all the hats women wear these days. Keep it up or get one started! BLOG POWER!

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Keep On Lickin'

Keep On Lickin'

How many ice creams have you licked this summer?