My Beautiful Niece Lily Megan is here!!!

This beautiful, & just over (if that) 12 hours old, baby girl is my niece! Look at those big eyes! She belongs to Mason & Megan. She arrived safely this morning at 4:44 a.m. weighing in at 8 lbs. I can't remember her length because my proud papa bro rang us within the hour after she was born to tell of their wonderful news. We are so excited she is here & can't wait to meet her next week! I "borrowed" these darling pics from TJ. Thanks for being a great aunt! Yay!!!


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No Excuses, but can I still give ya a few?

I really don't have any excuses on why the state of my blog is what it is. However, I will still try to give ya some. As the saying goes, golden streets to "you know where", or something like that?!

Since the happily welcome and overwhelming response to the pumpkin patch photo booth (excuse#1) , I have literally been consumed by my camera, computer and stiff arm, neck & back. I have drank way to much dark liquid and have gone through an alarming amount of concealer for those under eye black circles. I regretfully didn't send out Christmas cards, I still want to because they will be travel brouchures to entice y'all to head up North. Maybe they will arrive with Hoppy Easter wishes or if I'm lucky, St. Patrick's Day. I was going to send our love for Valentine's Day, but cupid has got me in the bud (that is full of chocolate, I must say) once again and has rose colored my sweet intentions and now it is just 6 days away. The Canadian post could never be trusted with that kind of time sensitive material. Hence, my frequent trips to Babb, MT (#2).

We celebrated Clark's 5th birthday (#3) on 12.6.07 with a fun miniature golf & pizza party. We combined Clark's celebration with my brother, Colton's 19th b.day party (Dec. 5) because on our planned adults only (meaning no kids, of course!) evening night out, my mom unknowingly ate a nut and had a severe reaction that almost took her from us (#4). She is highly allergic to nuts, and has always been quite careful. This little culprit was hidden by homemade Christmas chocolate, how was she to know? She ended up in the hospital over night, because the first three doses of epy stuff wore off and it came back. Scary, scary stuff. Not fun, but she is a trooper and the next day she was Christmas shopping & partying with us all at Clark's party. That's my girl!

We had parties (hosted the ChopStix employee party, too) and deliveries (#5) , mostly of photos, but gifts as well. I also was asked to take the pix of the primary children at our ward Christmas party (#6). Wowzers, there are a lot of children out there. Hee, hee. It was really fun. I love kids.

We also had Jonathan's sister Jessica, husband Alma & their little guy, Alma Cooper with us, as well as his brother Jami, wife Pam & their little guy Danai, for a few weeks over the holidays.(#7) We had fun together and loved to hear the little guys pitter patter as they ran through the house. Clark was such a good big brother. They all played so great together. Not to mention, Jonathan's baby sis, Molly, came home for a bit & we always rip it up, well, at least we stay up too late & have fun (#8). She is always a breath of crisp fresh air. That's my girl!

During the holidays, even Christmas Eve day I was able to squeeze in a family session that was so fun! I love the holidays and the togetherness of it all! It must be documented and I was glad to help! (but I'm also using that as an excuse #9, it's all good!)

Then new year's came and we partied like it was 1999! Really, I had to pull my husband home at 4:45 a.m., & he is usually the party pooper! He found a new love, Guitar Hero, or was it Rob & Braelyn? The last of the die hards. Then I think we slept for about two days (#10), because it is however, 2008!!!

Thank goodness I read the vampire series by Stephanie Meyer BEFORE Christmas (#11, #12, & #13). They were so fun. I hosted book club for December (#14) and I believe we (Stephanie & I, hee, hee) hooked a lot of women onto that fast, love struck, dangerous, & captivating ride. Did I mention there was a chocolate fountain at book club, too? Ya, it pays to read!

The year has started out as fast as the previous year disappeared. We celebrated 20 birthdays in January (#15), it's a good thing they all don't live here in Canada. That's a lot of cake, people. All were family members except for our sweet Alivia (5 years old!) who lives in Idaho, & who knows, maybe one day she will be part of our family. ; ) Happy days to all of you!

One of our main attractions this month has been my totally awesome brother's Missionary Marathon! The second weekend of Jan. he had his farewell (#16). We started it with attending the temple with him. Always good. Adults only dinner that evening. Always Good. Sunday he spoke & that was fun because not only did we get to hear his fantastic talk about prayer, my sister Mandy & her hubbie, Gary also spoke. When Mandy & Gary bought my parents house this past summer, part of the "deal" was that Colton came with the house. (my parents are in the process of building a house & are currently dwelling in a two bedroom apartment, Colton was relieved to stay) They all sat together & it was even more fun to see my dad sitting up there too, as High Councilman for their ward. It was like an old fashioned farewell. They wouldn't let me sing my solo for the musical # though. HA! That's a knee slapper, just so you know. My mom & I worked for way too many hours searching, scanning & preparing a slideshow (#17) for Colton's "farewell dinner" (#18). Since she lives in such a small space, her only option to have all her children together was to set up eats at the jr. high school gym. When we get together for dinners, my aunt Sally & uncle Shane & their kids, Stetson, Lexi & Dillon & of course grandma Dorothea are always included. That makes 23 of us. Colton also invited his girlfriend & her family, some cousins, uncle Jim & aunt Barb, his two friends that came home from school & their families. Needless to say, it was a full on farewell, Old School Style with over 56 served, & served well, I might add! Thanks mom & everyone who helped!

Two weekends later we had my niece Emma's b.day & baptism. (#19) My sister Keri sent her two girls, Ivy & Abby, from Edmonton to share in her special day. We went bowling & later to the baptism. It was a fun & fast weekend that ended with Megan's maternity photo session. She is due on 2.20.08. We are so excited for her & Mason! Hurry baby & get here.

The next week to follow was chillin' with Colton (#20) & last minute missionary shopping. We had lot of fun, almost like an extended Christmas holiday just with less people. My parents took him Sunday to Utah so he could report to the MTC as of Wednesday, 2.6.08. What a whirlwind, yet divine month we have shared together. He is going to be an awesome missionary in the Georgia, Atlanta mission. I can't wait for his pix, especially of how warm & green they will look! I can feel them now. We love you Colton & we are always praying & cheering for you!

We are already 8 days into this cute little month & it is going to be a big one. With Mason & Megan's baby coming, the snow blizzards & freezin' temps, ChopStix menu changing (after all, I am quality control, I'll have to eat there a lot, excuse #21) & 8 booked photo sessions, a trip to Edmonton somewhere in there, the month will disappear. My only hope to keep it real & remembered is this blog, & trying to keep it current. (#22)

I know my excuses were adding up, & probably most inexcusable. I know my life isn't much different from all the wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, working & stay at home working moms, but really, my thoughts & intentions are good. We love & miss our dear friends & family. Happy Everything to Everybody!!!


How lucky am I? 2X that's how lucky!

So I have been tagged by my friend Julie, which gives you a chance to learn something new about me.

The rules are:A. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.

B. Each player lists 6 facts/habits about themselves.

C. At the end of the post, the player then tags 6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

1. Whenever something really upsets me, for example: an irresponsible crime leaving innocent people, especially children, harmed or worse, or some government regulation that is again an irresponsible crime to innocents, I have this almost uncontrolable urge to start a picket line, or write the editor, and I go over and over things in my head and all the 'awesomeness' I can unleash in rebutle to the situation. Most of the time if it is unleashed it falls upon my husbands (most of the time) deaf ears while he is tuned into sports center. I think that is called all talk & no action.

2. Don't tell, but one of my guilty pleasures is taking walks in late summer evenings just at dusk, the sun has set and the sky is turning dark, and everyone's curtains are still open! Not that I'm a peeping tom, I don't stop, I just kind of glance as I pass by, checking out how others spend their hot, lazy nights, what they watch on t.v. or surf on the net. How they decorate their homes is my favorite. It is just an innocent curiousity, really. People fascinate me. Maybe I should people watch in a public place in daylight. ; )

3. For only playing it about 6 times, I rock at Guitar Hero Wii. Almost all of the music that I've played with it I am very much aquainted with from my younger years and some still current. It's pretty funny when people find that out about me, a little heavy metal & grunge, they would never have guessed it.

4. A newly formed habit over the last 10 months has been going to my mom & dad's whenever I want! Now I only live 12 minutes from them instead of 12 hours, like it has been for the past 10.5 years! That is a habit I definitely don't want to break. (my sister is right around the corner too!)

5. I love camping. Getting dirty & early morning tent smells when it gets way to hot and it's not even 7 a.m. However, I will NEVER turn down a hotel room, with two queen beds, lots of down pillows & down comforters (my fave is Holiday Inn Express), a miny fridge, a remote to watch t.v. in bed & a phone in the lue!

6. I'm always the one with the camera, trying to savor the moment, record the memory, all in the sake of posterity purposes, as I tell those who don't like having their pic taken. (Of course with every intention to scrap it all up in a cute album.) I have finally started to share that with everyone, not just my photo box that keeps piling up. That is why I started Silver Slides. Back in November 2006, I started by doing slideshows with clients' photos for their upcoming special events. Then for Christmas I got a sweet little powershot camera and most of 2007 spent time seeking out the unusual in the usual (I call them my magazine shots) Then I found my Nikon at Thanksgiving and it was an instant love connection. Now Silver Slides Photography is keeping me very busy. I still love the slideshows and it is a thank you gift to all those that let me in their lives for that short time. I love people, and helping them smile & capturing their sparkle makes me feel great. Sharing the joy with others that that one smile or look from a loved one can bring, goes a long way. Priceless.

Thanks for reading abit/alot about me. I now shall tag Susannah, Cindy, Jessica, Emily, TJ, & Jenna

I've always wanted to be tagged!

I really didn't know how or why the tagging thing happens but I am excited about it because it has finally brought me back from the blogger zombie zone. I was certain I'd never let that happen but life (mostly Silver Slides) got a little bit more attention, sometimes even more than my hubby. : ( I excited to get this started and then share almost a whole "Loaf of Bread" with y'all. Here goes!

Two names I go by:
1. mom (most of the time there is a hey! infront of it)
2. Shan ~ same goes for me Cindi, Shanna is just to long sometimes. I like it too, it's also my mom's middle name & it's welsh, where my gma is from

Two things I'm wearing right now:
1. my hair 1/2 up in my best friend's (from high school) native beaded barrett
2. my 'love is love hoodie' (GAP)-shout out to all those who have it & purchased on clearance!

Two of my favorite things to do:
1. photography & sharing it via emailing, websites, scrapbooking, slideshows & cards!
2. visit my husband at work whenever I want

Two things I want very badly at the moment:
1. pedicure
2. my girls to do it with

Two favorite pets I have had/have:
1. Zoobie- mixed pointer & dalmation, hyper but a beauty, had during the college days
2. Bubbles- little ankle biter from childhood

Two things I did last night:
1. cuddled with Clark as he fell asleep
2. edited some darling pix til 1:30 a.m.

Two things I ate today:
1. garlic toast & 3 meatballs at YW/YM mystery dinner
2. bretton crackers, cream cheese & jalepeno jelly~delicious!

Two people I last talked to:
1. Tami, who I always enjoy, can't get enough of and learn so much from!
2. Jonathan, to ask him what I did last night.

Two longest car rides:
1. From Val's house in Orem to the SLC airport. Description: 4 door jetta, 6 passengers, 2 to the airport & 4 headed for Canada. However, I had been to the Downeast Sale the day before. Need I say more girls? You DownEast frequenters know what that's all about. I had a step stool and metal bucket under my legs, my overnight bag between me and the door (which they had to shut after I got in) & another stool on my lap with one corner digging in, I could bearly wiggle my toes let alone re-adjust me or anything on me. I've never been so happy to see someone dropped off at the airport before. ; )
2. Canada to Utah with my in-laws. Wait! Before you think awful things, they will attest the same. Instead of the normal 11-12 hr drive, it took us 18 hrs, because we were pulling a trailer with furniture on it & the tarp over it kept ripping & coming undone, etc. We stopped often. I very much enjoyed the company, however.

Two Favorite Holidays:
1. Christmas
2. July 1st ~Canada day, it kind of starts off summer because school gets out the last week of June & then it's a big party with lots of family reunions, bbqs, waterskiing, parades & fireworks (it's also the first day I ever hung out with Jonathan, again, fireworks)

Two favorite beverages:
1. a tall icy glass of my dad's water, it's distilled
2. you all know me to well to not mention the black liquid

I tag Emily, Tami, & Caylee

Keep On Lickin'

Keep On Lickin'

How many ice creams have you licked this summer?